Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rollin' with my homies....

Sagen has a little friend. Our friends Heather and Elvis have a little boy named Connor. He is just about 6 months old. Before we left Connor was just a little guy that came over with his parents. Now he is big enough to interact with Sagen and Sagen is THRILLED. He LOVES baby Connor. Right now his babysitter is out of town so my mom is watching Connor too (she sometimes has all three of them!!! I call her SUPERNANNY). Sagen loves spending time with

This is the picture that inspired the title. I think Sagen's pants look like the are hanging low like the "homeboys" wear them. That is probably not PC.

I think this is a BEAUTIFUL picture of Connor
Sagen being the BIG guy and showing Connor how his toy works.
So PROUD that he is the BIG guy.
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