Sunday, May 23, 2010

Preschool Graduate!!!

This is Lorelei 2 years ago on her first official day of preschool. She didn't want to look at the camera, but we do have proof that she was there.

This is her today at her preschool graduation. I do not know where that time has gone! She is now onto the big world of KINDERGARTEN!!! Let's hope her mama can handle, because I KNOW SHE IS READY!!!!!!

Receiving her diploma

Freshly graduated showing off the goods.

Just thinks she looks beautiful here.

With mommy and daddy. Sagen was to busy eating cake.

Notice my red nose. I didn't SOB but I did cry.

Baby Birds!!

A few weeks ago we notice a humming bird sitting on a nest by our front door. When she went away for some food we check and there were two eggs.

a few days later we check again and found these cuties. We of course didn't touch them or even breath on them, but we checked on them everyday.

Last week there was only one and then none. They had grown up and flown from the nest! We are so happy.

Speaking of birds growing up and moving on stayed tuned for pictures of our own little bird as she leave the nest of preschool. That's right! OUR BABY GIRL WILL BE A PRESCHOOL GRADUATE!!

Lorelei is a punk rocker!!!

Last week was spirit week at our school. Lorelei and I decided to go punk and give her a mowhawk. Each pony was a different color. Needless to say, she won the prize for preschool that day (and no neither Brain and I were judges).