Friday, July 31, 2009

Ears Pierced!

Today Lorelei had to go have a test to see if she still had urinary reflux (she doesn't). It is a test that involves inserting a catheter and filling up her bladder. Needless to say, it is NOT a fun test. We talked about it a lot and I had promised her if she did a good job (i.e. not jump off the table or kick the nurse in the face) she could get her ears pierced. She did a VERY good job so after the test off we went. She was also a very big girl when she got her ears pierced. She cried a little, but overall was very, very brave.

Choosing her earrings.

Waiting (and YES that is a blackeye that she has.
she opened her dresser drawer into her eye!)
Right after with her lollipop!
Another after shot. It is really hard to get a good picture!
Sagen found ways to pass the time while she was getting her ear pierced!

Friday, July 17, 2009


If you have been reading lately you know that we had 2 birthdays to celebrate in a 2 week period. Since we already had had the party we decided to do fun family things on their birthdays.
Lorelei's birthday was first. The first thing we did was have breakfast. Lorelei had a piece of cinnamon toast with a candle in it. Then she did a scavenger hunt for her presents. She only got two on her birthday cause she got the others at her party. She had fun following clues to find her gifts. She got the "Cat in the Hat I Can Do That Game" and a Curious George video. She really liked both of there. We set the game up right away and played as a family.

Then we headed off to the zoo for a quick visit.

After that we headed over to Peter Piper for Justin's birthday party. Lisa was nice enough to have a candle for Lorelei to blow out AND brought the kids presents with her. It was a great party.

That evening we went to Little Anthony's Diner. It is a 50s style diner that is really fun. They have old rides up front that actually work, those cut out where you can look like famous people and they give you free ice cream on you birthday and take their picture with you. They then give you a card.

Sagen's birthday was not quite as busy but we still had a great time. We gave him his presents right away. He got a t-ball set and a tool box. He really liked the t-ball set and we immediately walked down to the field by our house to play. After that we had lunch and some ice cream with a candle in it. Sagen LOVED having the birthday song sang to him and blowing out the candle.

After that it was nap time and Sagen INSISTED on sleeping with his bat (I think he liked it)!

After nap we meet Gramma and Grampa at the mall for some playtime and present buying and then headed to Little Anthony's again because Sagen needed his birthday card too!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's my birfday! I TWO!

My baby boy is turning 2! I can't believe it. Like his sister it seems like just yesterday he was born. I remember clearly laying in the hospital bed thinking how he was so worth it. Wondering why I was ever worried about handling two and being SO proud of how gentle and loving Lorelei was with him. He has grown so much in the last 2 years. He is a mini POWERHOUSE. He reminds me of a tank (in the most loving way of course) he is low to the ground, but can power through ANYTHING. When I wrote about him at one (you can read that here) I wrote about he was the definition of extreme. That is still true. I have NEVER seen a kid go about things with so much passion and relentlessness that he does. Here is what he is up to:

*He says EVERYTHING!!! He is speaking in words, sentences, PARAGRAPHS. He even use pronouns correctly and even switches tenses and ownership correctly.
*He LOVES the zoo and the Children's Museum and will ask to go there.
*He says "I love you". He will just randomly say this to you throughout the day (I love it).
*He asks questions about your day "Did you have fun at ballet, Mama?" and tells you about his "I had FUN at Alex's party, Mama. Did you have fun?"
*He can sing his ABC and a TON of other songs.
*He LOVES watching Caillou (just like his sister did at his age)
*He is still very attached to his paci
*He will ask someone for a hug when he needs one
*He HATES timeouts
*He HATES sleeping
*When he does sleep it is in his big boy bed
*He has no interest in the potty although he can answer the question "Where should you put your poo poo if you don't want to have to have your diaper changed"
*He likes to jump and run and play.
*He wants to play soccer and baseball
*He wants to take ballet with Lorelei and actually sat in on her class the other day and did great, but he can't ACTUALLY take the class until he is 3
*He is very much a mama's boy

We love him so much!

Here he is through the ages :)

20w u/s
brand new!

one year