Sunday, July 12, 2009

It's my birfday! I TWO!

My baby boy is turning 2! I can't believe it. Like his sister it seems like just yesterday he was born. I remember clearly laying in the hospital bed thinking how he was so worth it. Wondering why I was ever worried about handling two and being SO proud of how gentle and loving Lorelei was with him. He has grown so much in the last 2 years. He is a mini POWERHOUSE. He reminds me of a tank (in the most loving way of course) he is low to the ground, but can power through ANYTHING. When I wrote about him at one (you can read that here) I wrote about he was the definition of extreme. That is still true. I have NEVER seen a kid go about things with so much passion and relentlessness that he does. Here is what he is up to:

*He says EVERYTHING!!! He is speaking in words, sentences, PARAGRAPHS. He even use pronouns correctly and even switches tenses and ownership correctly.
*He LOVES the zoo and the Children's Museum and will ask to go there.
*He says "I love you". He will just randomly say this to you throughout the day (I love it).
*He asks questions about your day "Did you have fun at ballet, Mama?" and tells you about his "I had FUN at Alex's party, Mama. Did you have fun?"
*He can sing his ABC and a TON of other songs.
*He LOVES watching Caillou (just like his sister did at his age)
*He is still very attached to his paci
*He will ask someone for a hug when he needs one
*He HATES timeouts
*He HATES sleeping
*When he does sleep it is in his big boy bed
*He has no interest in the potty although he can answer the question "Where should you put your poo poo if you don't want to have to have your diaper changed"
*He likes to jump and run and play.
*He wants to play soccer and baseball
*He wants to take ballet with Lorelei and actually sat in on her class the other day and did great, but he can't ACTUALLY take the class until he is 3
*He is very much a mama's boy

We love him so much!

Here he is through the ages :)

20w u/s
brand new!

one year

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Such a sweetie!