Monday, June 30, 2008

Wow! She is 3!

Today my little girl is 3. The thing that is crazy about 3 is that it REALLY hits me that she is no longer a baby. Everything (toys, admittion to a lot of places, buffet prices) is usually divided into under 3 and over 3. She can now "legally" get the real McDonalds toys. I know this sounds silly, but it just really makes her seem so big!

She is doing great. She is a nice little girl. She loves[0 her brother and takes care of him. She is very talkative once you get to know her and she says things you would not believe! She signs songs (some that she probably shouldn't which lets I know that we should edit our music choices)and loves to DANCE! She can get down! She is getting fierecely independent (which I keep reminding myself is a good thing.) She is also senstive and gets her feeling hurts easily. She is a drama queen and will often act like you are cutting off her arm when you are washing her hair. She LOVES Caillou, Curious George, Backyardigans, dollys, strollers, imagining and watching T.V. Vegtables RARELY touch her lips although they are ALWAYS on her plate. She LOVES fruit, mac & cheese, hot dogs, cake, M&Ms, Lucky Charms, Gramma's cereal (bran flakes!), Goldfish crakers (notice that not many of these are healthy). She loves her family (she told me that when she is getting close to her gramma she gets happy) and her friends.
I always tell her she is the best little girl in the world and it is TRUE!!!