Friday, August 19, 2011

The big 0 4 for my boy!

This post is a little late. Sagen turned 4 on July 12th! We have been running crazy since then, so I have just gotten the chance to write.
I cannot believe he is 4! I swear he was JUST born. I think he is the best boy in the world! He is a charmer who has about 30 girls that he believes he will marry! Here are some of the cool things he is doing:
  • He is still a lover and cuddler. He loves hugs, kisses and cuddles.
  • He is a little stinker who tries to get away with everything.
  • He is a white belt in Little Dragons karate and does very well listening to the teacher Mr. K.
  • He is a good counter and knows most of his letter sounds.
  • He loves to play with ninja stuff like pretend swords. He is going to be a ninja when he grows up.
  • He loves his sister very much!
  • He likes to play school and "vacation" with his sister.
  • He is very active and athletic.
  • He is a BIG ham!
  • He is in his last year of preschool and will be a Kindergartner next year (Yikes)!
I am so glad the he is my son.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

6 years old!!!

Lorelei is 6 years old today! I cannot believe how time has flown. 6 years ago I became a mommy to a beautiful infant and now I have a beautiful 6 year old! She is going to be a first grader. She did very well in Kindergarten and loved her teacher. I am getting better about her growing up and I am not as sappy as I use to be about it :P She does freak me out a bit when she starts talking about how cool it will be when she is nine or when she goes to college. Here are some of the new things she is doing:

  • She can sound out most words and can read books very well (when she wants to).
  • She has given up ballet and started karate. She LOVES it. She does very well listening to Mr. K and doing her kicks and punches. It is so cute to watch her. She has her yellow belt and is well on the way to her orange.
  • She is still a great big sister and a very sweet girl.
  • She has grown a little shy, but will still talk your ear off if she knows you.
  • She has begun writing letters and stories and has made friends at school.
  • She has decided that she is going to be a vet and is sticking to it.
  • She has become quite the little artist and even painted a wonderful picture on a canvas.
  • She has a mind like s steel trap. She remembers things that happened when she was 2!
  • She is getting some pretty healthy eating habits and will choose fruit over chocolate.
I think she is the best little girl anyone could have :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Christmas Finally!

So yes in is MARCH and i am just posting about Christmas. We had a wonderful Christmas. We had an early Christmas with the Hierstein's at my parents house because Bob had to work on Christmas day. Then mom and dad came to our house on Christmas day. It was a very relaxed day and the kids for to play all day with their toys. The both got a ton of stuff. Lorelei got everything on her list that she write for Santa (in her own writing) and Sagen got everything he asked for including the Lion-o toy that "Santa" searched all over Ebay for.

Sagen decorating the tree.

Lorelei (during her glasses phase) decorating the tree.

Showing of their gingerbread house and the candy they ate
while building it.

Putting out the Christmas cookies!

Checking if he ate the cookies :)


Zhu-zhu pets!!!

Showing off the whole haul!

Showing off her haul!

Perhaps my FAVORITE picture of him EVER!!