Thursday, May 28, 2009


The other day Lorelei got a rope burn from Ginny's leash. Brian was pushing her in the swing and holding Ginny's leash. Ginny saw another dog she wanted to play with and started to run. We can't quite figure out how it got Lorelei's leg so bad, but it did! Of COURSE it was on her "bad" leg (the one with the hemangioma). She cried the awful no sound cry for about 1 minute and then was up and playing again. I can tell it still hurts her though. We are dressing it with huge band aids and antibacterial creme. She is taking it like a trooper though. She is a tough little lady.

Children's Musem

We have been busy during the first week of our summer vacation. Today we went to the Children's museum. It was MUCH cooler then I remembered. They have a lot of new exhibits. The kids had a blast and we got a membership so we will be spending a lot of time there this summer cause we bought a membership.

I like to call this group of pictures "What will I be when I grow up?"

"Maybe I will be a firefighter..

or maybe a policeman like my Uncle Bob.

Maybe I'll just hang out with my friends instead" (I think this picture is AMAZING!)

"Maybe I will join forces with my sister and drive a submarine
or work with other scientist to figure out how to make things work

or maybe I'll just hang our with my friends."

Pow pow powerwheels

A few weeks ago I posted about the Powerwheels car that Sagen fell in love with at a party. Well, since their birthdays are coming up we decided to get them one. The both love it. Sagen likes to get in and ride for about few seconds and then park it cause he got to Ms. Toni's house. Lorelei likes to drive much further. The other day she was going to visit Amber and Joe (our neighbors who moved to Germany). She is actually a pretty good driver. She even knows how to throw it in reverse to get out of sticky situations.

Sagen usually needs his big sister to step on the gas for him.

Going to Ms. Toni's house to see the "mohawk" (she has a peacock).

RELUCTENTLY posing for mom.

Lorelei shows you the zoo.

We went to the zoo the other day and Lorelei took some pictures....

The cup holder in the wagon.

Her view while riding along.

More wagon.

Sagen's leg

Brain and I took some pictures too :P


On the peacock with Gabby

Movie Nights

We have been having movie mights a lot lately. We pop some popcorn, push the coffee table back and all sit on the floor and watch a movie. We even got cool popcorn containers at Target to make it even more fun!


A few months ago Sagen started climbing out of his crib. This of course meant it was time for a BIG BOY BED. At first, we did not know how to make his crib into a toddler bed, so we just got out our airbed and put it on the floor until we could get him a new bed. Then, we figured out how to to turn the crib into a toddler bed, but that did not go over well. Sagen still saw it as a crib. He would look at it in disgust and say, "Mama, I BIG". He much preferred the air mattress. This week we FINALLY got him a bed. We got a double mattress because the crib also turned into a headboard and foot board for a double. Sagen really likes it. He sleeps on it and tells us that he has a new "mat rest". Now if he would stay in it ALL night instead of waking us up 1-2 times a night to have us walk him back to bed!!!

The bed.

Sagen would NOT pose in his bed. Having his picture taken laying in bed was just TOO CLOSE to going to sleep. Lorelei was happy to show you how the bed works.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Instant love!

I was reading someone's blog the other day and she was talking about how she didn't bond with her baby right away. I know this happens to some people and that is is a totally normal thing, but I loved my children from the moment I saw them (well I loved them from the minute I got the positive pregnancy test). I remember when I was pregnant with Sagen I would have nights that I was cuddling with Lorelei and I was thinking "How am I going to do this with two?" "Can I handle two?" "Is Lorelei ready to have a brother?" I was a little scared. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it. Then, Sagen was born. I heard him cry. I held him and I KNEW that I could do it. Having the two of them was going to be the best thing that ever happened to me. THEY were the best things that ever happened to me. I clearly remember holding him in the hospital and thinking "Even if I never sleep another night in my life (I must have instinctively known he wasn't going to be a sleeper), these kiddos are SO worth it.
I am so grateful to my children and I love them more then anything. After reading the other woman's post I realized that I was lucky. Not everyone has an easy ride into motherhood. For me, it was easy. There were hard things, of course, but the instant love I felt for them made those hard things not so hard!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Crazy Hair Day!!

It is spirit week at our school and today was CRAZY HAIR DAY!!! AS you can see we really got into it!

Brian even shaved his beard funny. All the kids thought he was trying to be Wolverine. Lorelei had two ponies sticking straight up and some color in her hair.

Sagen joined in from home with some green coloring in his hair and I had a lot of ponies all over my head.

Like father like daughter.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Riding in cars with girls!

We went to a Cinco De Mayo party on Saturday. The house that we were at had Power Wheels. Sagen spent the ENTIRE time driving around. He wasn't the BEST driver, but we finally got it so that he held the steering wheel in on poistion and drove in circles. It was really cute. He stopped and picked up a little girl. I was having visions of future dates!

Our Prima Ballerina!

Lorelei started ballet. She LOVES it. The teacher (Mr. Rogers) is great. He is silly and doesn't expect the girls to be serious in the pre ballet class. The learn ballet terms but in a fun way. They play and dance with ribbons and at the last class they were all given one minute to dance all by themselves. Lorelei was a little timid at first and kept running over to me, but at the last class she only came over once. One of these days I am sure I will be allowed to sit in lobby with the other mommies.
The studio is a little dark so the pictures aren't great, but she still looks cute.
(Sarah, I only got her to pose for the ones at the bottom because I would told her I would post them so Isaac could see them so make sure he sees them)

They are suppose stand on there leg for a count of 5. Mr. Rogers counts like this 1...2....3...4...4...4..4....4......4.

Barre work.

Releve!! While the are on the barre they do a plie (a knee bend) the rise up on their toes and scream RELEVE!!!!

Showing off for Isaac.

Being silly!