Thursday, March 27, 2008

My boy!

Just a quick update on Sagen. HE IS EVERYWHERE!!! He started crawling at about 6.5 months, but wasn't really GOOD at it until 7.5. NOW at 8.5 he CANNOT be stopped! He climbs over boxes and everything. He still would MUCH rather be walking, but he has decided that crawling is okay for now. He is pulling up on everything and will push anything he can in order to cruise around. He also has 2 teeth and is waving bye-bye! He is getting so big!


We had a lovely Easter egg hunt in the morning and very nice lunch at Hi Falutin resturant with my parents and my cousin Bob's family.

Lorelei loved dying the eggs and finding them. She wasn't really fond of her chocolate bunny, but she DID try it.
Eating her bunny.
Sagen being cute.
My kiddos and I!
The Hiersteins

VACATION part 2!!!!!

the saga continues........

On Tuesday we were going to have a picnic on the beach, but it was a little cold so we decided just to visit the beach and then have some pizza. Sagen LOVED crawling in the sand. We also discovered that he was a little ham. Whenever we pulled out the camera he would pose!!!! Lorelei liked feeding the seagulls, and building sand castles, but "didn't like the water so much"

Lorelei and Gramma feeding the gulls.
O,ur family on the beach.

Our little model.

Lorelei making a sand animal.

After we got home from the beach we did some more shopping around while grandpa took a nap.

Froggy chairs in a store in Union Square

A park in Chinatown

Couch in the lobby to the Hotel Triton outside of Chinatown.

On Thursday we went to the San Fransico Zoo. It was a good zoo and Lorelei had a good time, but I don't think she was anymore impressed that she was with the Reid Park Zoo.
Merry go round
Lorelei in the interactive part of the meerkat exhibit.
Riding a turtle statue.
That night we met Wendy, Zach and Wyatt at Chevy's for supper. It was really yummy then we walk to get cream puffs. On the way there Lorelei and Wyatt reached out and held each others hand. It almost melted me on the spot. I was one of my favorite moments of the trip and of camera!
Our drive home was from HELL althought he kids were good. We won't talk about it though.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My parents, the kiddos, Brain and I just spent a week in San Fransico on Spring Break. We had a GREAT time! Here is a breakdown of the days with pictures :)

We left on Friday afternoon and drove to a hotel just outside of LA. On Saturday we drove the rest of the way and went straight to Wendy (my cousin), Zach, and Wyatt's for dinner. When we got there Wendy ask if we would like to go to the steam trains. It was so cool. We took a ride up the Berkley hills where we could see the whole bay to the trains. Wyatt is a train expert and showed us how to say "Woot, Woot" thorough the tunnels.
On the first ride!

On the second ride in the boxcar!

Running through the doors of the little musem.

After the train rider we headed back for dinner and playing. Wyatt and Lorelei got along really well (Wyatt even shared his toys, which I heard he is not fond of doing). Wyatt was a little scared of Sagen (babies do strange things), but I caught him patting his head at one point :) On Sunday we walked to China Town (past Union Square) then met Wendy et al for lunch and then we all went down via a electric train thingy to Pier 39 to see the sea lions and the aquarium. Union Square


Walking around (and no we weren't PUSHING them when they were in there together!)

Starfish up close and personal.

One Monday we went to Napa and went to a beautiful vineyard. We got some picnic stuff then drove to Fairfield and had a picnic on the grounds of the Jelly Belly factory. Then we toured the factory and bought some bellyflops (mishapen Jelly Bellies). It was a lot of fun and Lorelei liked watching the the machines on the tour.
at the vineyard
Jelly Belly (can you see tiny Lorelei in the first picture?)
Sagen at Jelly Belly.
I will post more later!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Catching up!

I have left you all blogless for a few weeks. We have just been really busy. We are excited to be going to San Fransico next week. We will definatly have pictures of that.

Sagen is offically crawling! He doesn't LIKE to do it, he would rather walk, but he CAN do it. He also has 1 tooth that has broken the gum line and one that is just below it. He doesn't like to show them off, so no picture of it but it is there! Here are some cute shots of him.

Having some dinner

.Enjoying the Tucson sun (as much as you can when you mother slathers you in sunscreen) at the Renisance Festival.

I know he is really washed out i this one, but I LOVE how you can see how lue his eyes are. Also he crawled to me to grab the camera!

Lorelei is doing great to. We discovered that she knows many of her letters but like to pretend she doesn't:

Me (pointing to a C): "Lorelei, What letters is this?"

Lorelei: "ahhhh.....W"

Me: What letter is it REALLY?"

Lorelei: "C"

She did the same thing when she was learning her colors. She is still a talker. She talks from the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to sleep. She has a lot of friends at school and has the best memmory. She has actaully remember two things in the last few weeks that I couldn't!

Here are some pictures of her:

Showing off her new cooking outfit (note the lack of clothing under the apron)
She painted her hair blue at school. I think she wants to be a punk rocker!
From punk rocker to Fairy Princess.
On the butterfly ride at the Renisance Festival Having a picnic with her cousins.