Thursday, March 27, 2008

VACATION part 2!!!!!

the saga continues........

On Tuesday we were going to have a picnic on the beach, but it was a little cold so we decided just to visit the beach and then have some pizza. Sagen LOVED crawling in the sand. We also discovered that he was a little ham. Whenever we pulled out the camera he would pose!!!! Lorelei liked feeding the seagulls, and building sand castles, but "didn't like the water so much"

Lorelei and Gramma feeding the gulls.
O,ur family on the beach.

Our little model.

Lorelei making a sand animal.

After we got home from the beach we did some more shopping around while grandpa took a nap.

Froggy chairs in a store in Union Square

A park in Chinatown

Couch in the lobby to the Hotel Triton outside of Chinatown.

On Thursday we went to the San Fransico Zoo. It was a good zoo and Lorelei had a good time, but I don't think she was anymore impressed that she was with the Reid Park Zoo.
Merry go round
Lorelei in the interactive part of the meerkat exhibit.
Riding a turtle statue.
That night we met Wendy, Zach and Wyatt at Chevy's for supper. It was really yummy then we walk to get cream puffs. On the way there Lorelei and Wyatt reached out and held each others hand. It almost melted me on the spot. I was one of my favorite moments of the trip and of camera!
Our drive home was from HELL althought he kids were good. We won't talk about it though.

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