Wednesday, March 26, 2008


My parents, the kiddos, Brain and I just spent a week in San Fransico on Spring Break. We had a GREAT time! Here is a breakdown of the days with pictures :)

We left on Friday afternoon and drove to a hotel just outside of LA. On Saturday we drove the rest of the way and went straight to Wendy (my cousin), Zach, and Wyatt's for dinner. When we got there Wendy ask if we would like to go to the steam trains. It was so cool. We took a ride up the Berkley hills where we could see the whole bay to the trains. Wyatt is a train expert and showed us how to say "Woot, Woot" thorough the tunnels.
On the first ride!

On the second ride in the boxcar!

Running through the doors of the little musem.

After the train rider we headed back for dinner and playing. Wyatt and Lorelei got along really well (Wyatt even shared his toys, which I heard he is not fond of doing). Wyatt was a little scared of Sagen (babies do strange things), but I caught him patting his head at one point :) On Sunday we walked to China Town (past Union Square) then met Wendy et al for lunch and then we all went down via a electric train thingy to Pier 39 to see the sea lions and the aquarium. Union Square


Walking around (and no we weren't PUSHING them when they were in there together!)

Starfish up close and personal.

One Monday we went to Napa and went to a beautiful vineyard. We got some picnic stuff then drove to Fairfield and had a picnic on the grounds of the Jelly Belly factory. Then we toured the factory and bought some bellyflops (mishapen Jelly Bellies). It was a lot of fun and Lorelei liked watching the the machines on the tour.
at the vineyard
Jelly Belly (can you see tiny Lorelei in the first picture?)
Sagen at Jelly Belly.
I will post more later!

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Wendy said...

Cute pictures! We had so much fun with you guys. We need to post our pictures too.