Sunday, August 10, 2008


Thursday was Lorelei's first day as an offical registered preschooler. She is still going to our school which is where she went last year, but she is now a preschool kid not a daycare kid! She did a great job! Last year she was pretty clingy to Brian, but this year she sat with the other kids and played with them. I think I have a BIG girl on my hands! She wasn't all the interested in posing for pics, but we have a few even though she is not looking at the camera.They have to wear uniforms at our school, but Lorelei likes to show she is an individual by wear pink (or balck dragon) chucks and carrying a cool lucnhbox!

She may be a big preschooler, but she stills like to be held by her mama.

My boy likes to potty all the time!

Sagen wants to be JUST like his big sister so he is already showing interest in the potty. We have been letting him sit on it. One time in Iowa we noticed he was starting to poo poo and we ran and put him on the potty and he poo pooed in there (on the way home he also poo pooed on Gram's rug...) and the other day he started to poo poo while in the bathtub so we put him on the potty and he pee peed in there! He is no where near ready to train, but he is showing and interest in sitting on the potty so we figure we will let him and get him use to it.

Hello! I am on the potty!
That's right the potty!
Hello again!
No more pictures PLEASE!

Rollin' with my homies....

Sagen has a little friend. Our friends Heather and Elvis have a little boy named Connor. He is just about 6 months old. Before we left Connor was just a little guy that came over with his parents. Now he is big enough to interact with Sagen and Sagen is THRILLED. He LOVES baby Connor. Right now his babysitter is out of town so my mom is watching Connor too (she sometimes has all three of them!!! I call her SUPERNANNY). Sagen loves spending time with

This is the picture that inspired the title. I think Sagen's pants look like the are hanging low like the "homeboys" wear them. That is probably not PC.

I think this is a BEAUTIFUL picture of Connor
Sagen being the BIG guy and showing Connor how his toy works.
So PROUD that he is the BIG guy.
Sharing pacis

We have FINALLY been given a sleep fairy!!!

That is right ladies and gentlemen SAGEN IS NOW SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! I cannot find a font big enough to express how AWESOME that is. After 12.5 months without a full nights sleep I was beginning to go a little nuts. It took two LOOONNNGGG heartbreaking nights of letting him cry in his crib for about an hour and then SUCCESS!!! He has slept through the night every night since. He still comes into our room at about 5:30, but I consider that a good night sleep. Technically, I could just get up with him at 5:30, but if he is willing to cuddle for a little longer then I will take it :)

I am very proud of my boy (and becoming more sane by he minute!)

He is not sleeping in his crib in this picture. Once he is asleep I do NOTHING to put that in jeopardy!!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Parties galore!

Because we were in Maine for their birhdays we had a lot of parties. Lorelei had one before we left with her AZ friends, then she had cupcakes in Maine with grandma and grandpa one the day before her birthday, then she had candles in her pancakes on her birthday, then on Sagen's REAL birthday we had a ME party for Lorelei, Sagen AND Kadin (my nephew who is 6 weeks older then Sagen), then in Iowa they got a cupcake witha candle and Seth and Erika's bday party! Sagen STILL has one more to party to go with his AZ friends. Here are some pictures!
Caillou cake from her AZ bday. I made it!
AZ bday. Posing beore the party.
Cupcakes with G&G at the condo. She helped decorate them!
He helped eat them!
Pooh cake for triple party. Even though I spelled it they spelled SAGEN S-E-G-A-N I will be making to AZ party cake.
Birthday song!