Saturday, August 2, 2008

Parties galore!

Because we were in Maine for their birhdays we had a lot of parties. Lorelei had one before we left with her AZ friends, then she had cupcakes in Maine with grandma and grandpa one the day before her birthday, then she had candles in her pancakes on her birthday, then on Sagen's REAL birthday we had a ME party for Lorelei, Sagen AND Kadin (my nephew who is 6 weeks older then Sagen), then in Iowa they got a cupcake witha candle and Seth and Erika's bday party! Sagen STILL has one more to party to go with his AZ friends. Here are some pictures!
Caillou cake from her AZ bday. I made it!
AZ bday. Posing beore the party.
Cupcakes with G&G at the condo. She helped decorate them!
He helped eat them!
Pooh cake for triple party. Even though I spelled it they spelled SAGEN S-E-G-A-N I will be making to AZ party cake.
Birthday song!

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