Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hair Cut!

I finally decided to get Sagen's hair cut. I was getting tired of it getting all knotted and getting stuck in his collar. It also would get very fluffy when I brushed it. So I bit the bullet and had my mom cut it. Here is the before and after.



I am very happy with it. He looks like such a big boy!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cause we NEED a little Christmas!!!

We are VERY excited about Christmas this year. We are doing a lot of special things so we cannot wait. We are going on the Polar Express then we are heading to Iowa to see EVERYONE!! We have not been with that side of the family for Christmas for 7 years. In that time 5 babies have been born. Four of those "babies" who range from 1-5 years old (we will miss Kadin) along with Rachel (who WAS around the last time we were all together) will be there and that will make Christmas extra special this year. I am picturing it being just like when we were all little. It was LOUD, CHAOTIC and WONDERFUL!!! I cannot wait!
All these things to look forward to have gotten us into the Christmas spirit a little early. We started listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies right after Halloween. This weekend we put up our tree. Sagen was really amazed by the tree. He knows what a Christmas tree is, but I don't think he remembers us having one. He kept saying "Wow! What's it's name?" We have named it Sagen.
Here are some pictures of the decorating. More pics of the finished product with us in front of it will follow.

Sagen using the ladder to hang an ornament. The Ladder was a bigger hit with both of them then the tree!
Lorelei showing off the ballerina ornament that Ms. Toni gave her. She can even tell you that the ballerina is doing a Passe.
Hanging the ballerina on the tree.

More decorating!

Lorelei was REALLY into this year. Sagen liked the tree, but would rather climb the ladder then hang ornaments.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a great Halloween. Both kids really "got it" this year and have been excited ALL MONTH. We spent the afternoon carving our pumpkins and then our friends came over to go trick or treating. We went all over the neighborhood and the kids got a lot of candy. They were really talkative with the people giving out the candy and answered questions about their costumes. Sagen told everybody that he was a dragon whether they ask or not! Most importantly they remembered to say THANK-YOU at every house. Sagen was funny cause he would say, "thank-you" then he would turn to me and say, "Mama, I said Thank-you to that guy!"
Getting ready to carve the pumpkins.

Getting the "pulp" (a term Lorelei learned at school) out.
At this point Sagen was not interested.

Sagen realized that we were making a mess and decided he wanted to help.
He kept getting seeds stuck to his foot so he was mad.

Very Proud of their pumpkins.

Our children are GOOFBALLS. I THINK they
get that from their dad!


Eating "sour kids" with the pumpkins.

Pumpkins on display! Lorelei drew the eyes on all of
these pumpkins.

Side view of our Dragon!

Cutest dragon EVER!

Our princess riding her unicorn.

Have you ever seen a cuter princess?

Connor as a lion.

Lets go trick or treating!!!!