Thursday, February 26, 2009

Greer this year!

Last weekend we went up north in search of snow. Yes, you heard me right, when you live in Tucson you actually go LOOKING for snow. We went and stayed in a cabin in Greer like we did last year. Our friends the Pergers went with us. WE HAD A BLAST! Lorelei LOVED sledding this year (she hated it last year) and Sagen LOVED playing with Alex (who is 7). Sagen did NOT like sledding or even watching other people sled he would say "Mama, Dada FALL! OH NO HE FALL!!!" every time he watch Brian sled down the hill. Even though he was truly sacred it was funny! In the evenings they had fun running around in the cabin playing with the big kids.

Here are 3 of the kids hanging out in the van.

Here we are in front of the Tin Star. A cute little store by our cabin.

My boy looking cute. He is wearing his sister mittens.

Lorelei sledding BY HERSELF!!!

Lorelei sitting in the sled.

Getting pulled in the sled. Sagen was okay with this.

Throwing snow!

Me pulling Lorelei up the hill.

Lorelei pulling her sled.

Sagen looking cute even from behind.

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The kids have REALLY grown and I shrunk (yay me!)

Cousins 2009 or rub a dub dub three bottoms in a tub

Kadin, Emily, and Bucky visited again this year for the gem show. Sagen and Lorelei loved having Kadin around. They played a lot and ought a little. Lorelei said, "That Kadin is a Stich." I am assuming she heard somone else say that because I don't think she would come up with it on her own. When I asked her what it meant she said, "You know like on Lilo and Stich." I thought that was pretty cute. We had a lot of fun and I didn't get as many pictures as I'd like, but here is what I have.

This is the best picture I have of all three of them.

I love this picture of the two boys.

Emily has more pictures that she is suppose to send to me.

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