Sunday, August 10, 2008

My boy likes to potty all the time!

Sagen wants to be JUST like his big sister so he is already showing interest in the potty. We have been letting him sit on it. One time in Iowa we noticed he was starting to poo poo and we ran and put him on the potty and he poo pooed in there (on the way home he also poo pooed on Gram's rug...) and the other day he started to poo poo while in the bathtub so we put him on the potty and he pee peed in there! He is no where near ready to train, but he is showing and interest in sitting on the potty so we figure we will let him and get him use to it.

Hello! I am on the potty!
That's right the potty!
Hello again!
No more pictures PLEASE!

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