Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh BOY! He's 1!!

My baby boy is one! I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday I was pregnant with him and now he is one.

Being as that he is one I tried to think of one word to describe him. That word is EXTREME!

This describes his personality to a T.

He is EXREMEly cute (he has chubby baby legs and soft baby hair)

He is EXTREMEly sweet (today he kept kissing Meli's new little boy Alex)

He is EXTREMEly happy (he has a grin that really does streach from ear to ear and a cute little dimple)

or sometimes he is EXTREMEly mad (he can throw a major fit)

He is EXTREMEly active (he was walking at 9.5 months and today climbed on top of the kiddie piano)

He is EXTREMEly smart (he can say mama, dada, cracker, dog, car, uh-oh, shake his head yes and no, understand EVERYTHING we say, and knows how to get what he wants)

He is EXTREMEly stubborn (he hasn't eaten babyfood since he was 7 months old which was excatly 2 weeks after he finally STARTED eating it

He is EXTREMEly strong (He does PULL-UPS to get where he wants to)
He is EXTREMEly photogenic (when we were in San Fransico when he was 9 months old he was already POSING for pictures)

and to top it all off we are EXTREMEly happy that he is ours!!!
I love him so much! We all do. Lorelei STILL wants to see him first thing every morning and thinks he is a great little brother.


gramma said...

I am the luckiest gramma in the world and it's TRUE!

Wendy said...

Awwwww! I love these little updates. I think I need to get one together soon too.