Tuesday, July 22, 2008


While we were in Maine (and Mass) Lorelei and Sagen got to spend time with there cousin Kadin. He is about 6 weeks older then Sagen. He and Sagen are a lot alike. Although some people think they look a like (there are some similarities) the crazy thing is they act very much alike! All three of the got along very well. I forsee many summers of them rasing heck together and it makes me very happy!

Kadin had a thing for Sagen's pacis. It didn't bother Sagen
as long as they were back when he "needed" them.
They actaully ASKED to be in there!
Sagen giving Kadin a lift.
Lorelei took her role as the oldest very seriously.
Here she was giving them both raseberries on there tummies.
Sisters and babies at the Dr. Suess garden.
Uncle Bucky and Lorelei chasing the birds.
rub a dub dub three kids in a tub...this was the all time favorite activity of all the kiddos.

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Wendy said...

Look at those cutie kids! Wish we could have been in the mix too....