Monday, July 12, 2010

Give me a T, give me a H, Give me REE!!!

Today my baby turns 3! He is the best boy in the world. He is so grown up in some ways and still my baby in so many others. He still LOVES his mama and LOVES to cuddle. If he is upset, mama is still the only one that can calm him. Here are some of the things he can do:
  • He can talk circles around most kids his age and many five year olds!
  • He can climb anything, run fast and far, and hit and kick a ball.
  • He is very happy boy (most of the time) he can find joy in almost everything.
  • He is also can cry like NOBODIES business! He is LOUD!
  • He can stay dry 95% of the time.
  • He LOVES to swim.
  • He has NO FEAR.
  • He can take a tumble and jump right back up.
  • He know the words to a lot of songs (even some I wish he didn't)
  • He is shy sometimes and VERY friendly others. He will tell complete strangers his business, but he would never go with them.
  • We can pretty much trust him to play in his room by himself or with his sister.
  • He is funny and makes us laugh everyday.
  • He LOVES to give me hugs and kisses
I can't believe he is three. I love him more then any other baby boy in the word and most of the girl (except one).

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