Monday, November 1, 2010


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Here is a slide show of our GREAT summer road trip! We drove from AZ to ME and spent about 2 weeks there. We had a great time with the Raymonds, Pipers, Allens, Lees and our family. We went to the beach, had a birthday party and went to Santa's Village. It was a busy wonderful trip. Then, we headed to MA to see Kadin, Emily and Bucky. We had a great time with them and enjoyed playing in their cool yard. After that we headed to PA to visit Molly at her grandmother's farm. The kids had never been to a farm and had a great time exploring. True to form, Sagen stripped down with in the hour and sang the "naked dance" song for Molly's grandma! After that we stopped for two weeks to see our family in Iowa. We saw friends and family there and had ANOTHER birthday party. We were tired when we finally headed home. Once we got here we hung out with the Wallace's a lot and added a new puppy to our family. Oh, and had ANOTHER birthday party. It was a GREAT summer!!

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