Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FIVE!!!!! That is right, I said FIVE!!!

My baby girl is now five. I have written 5 birthday blogs about her and spent 5 wonderful years being her mama. I love watching her grow and change. She is no longer a baby, a toddler, or even a preschooler! She is a girl. A little girl mind you, but she is getting bigger everyday. She still likes to get cuddles and hugs from her mama though so I can handle it (sorta). This year has once again brought about a lot of changes for her.
She can do a lot of new things. Here are a few of here 5 year old skills:
  • she can hop on one foot (we found this out after we told the Dr. she couldn't and she looked at us and hopped across the room)
  • she can write her name and copy other words. This is still not one of her favorite activities, but she will do it.
  • she can read some small words and repetitive books. This is something she DOES enjoy.
  • she can spell small words if I help her break it down. I have HIGH hopes that she will be a great speller unlike her mama.
  • she is starting to color more carefully and stay in the lines better, but she does not like to draw her own pictures to much.
  • She STILL loves to use her imagination and will play for a long time with her brother while he pretends to be one character from their show of the day and she pretends to be the other.
  • She choose quiet sitting/thinking activities as much as she chooses loud rambunctious ones.
  • She can comfort her brother when he cries as long as she wasn't the one who MADE him cry.
  • She STILL closes her eyes when she says "cheese" which makes her very hard to photograph.
  • She can take an idea or thought and make it into a full sentence for a letter or a story.
  • She loves playing with her friends and her brother, but is also content playing alone.
  • She is still taking ballet and will join Daisy Scouts this year and MAY choose to play a sport (don't worry we will make sure she is not over scheduled!)
  • She is getting braver and braver in the water. We also need to sign her up for "big girl" swimming lessons where I don't have to get in the water with her.
I can't believe she is doing all these things and turning into such a big girl. I am proud of her. She is off to BIG things like Kindergarten and she is taking it in stride. I on the other hand tear up at the though :P

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Miki said...

That's so sweet! I have so enjoyed being a part of L's past 5yrs and watching all our 5yr olds celebrate this big occasion. I know she's going to do great in Kindergarten this year!!!! (((HUGS)))