Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How did she get to be 4 already???

That's right! My little girl is now 4. 4! I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday that I was in the hospital holding my little newborn girl and now she is 4. Then again, although it seems like just yesterday I barely remember what my life was like before her. She is (along with her brother, of course) the light of my life. She is turning into quite the little lady. Here are some of her newest accomplishments and likes:
* She is a ballerina. She takes ballet and really likes it.
* She is still nice to her brother A LOT of the time.
* She is a little sneaky and says things like "canIgooutsideandplayinthepoolrightnow? SAY YES" thinking that I will mindlessly say yes even though she has spoken so fast that I have no idea what I would be saying yes to.
*She is jumping and getting both feet off the floor at the same time. Now, I know that for most 4 y/o this is not an accomplishment, but for my big girl it has been a long time coming. Her hemangioma makes it hurt if she bares weight on her leg and if you don't put even weight on your feet while jumping they don't leave the ground at the same time.
*She can cut on a straight and a curved line
*She can write her letters with help (when she is in the mood)
*She can get herself a glass of water
*She can dress herself and pick out her own clothes (we are working on them matching)
*She can play a lot of different games
*She knows the words to a lot of songs
*She loves the shows Super Why, Handy Manny, Olivia and Caillou
*She loves popcorn, hot dogs, carne asada, oranges, corned beef, carrots, lettuce, pizza, chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and yogurt
*She has her whole school career planned out through 2nd grade (she know which teachers she wants)
*She STILL has the BEST memory and will remember things that I don't remember from when she was 2!
*She stills lets me call her a little girl. She says she likes being my little girl.
*She has told me that she is going to live with me for the rest of her life. The other night she told me that she and Sagen were going to be the zookeepers that hand out the biscuit to people who are feeding the giraffes. She told me that I could go there and feed the giraffes, but I WOULD still have to pay.
*She know her letter, her sounds, her numbers and she is starting to recognize some words.
*She has a great attentions span and likes playing games.
*She has a great imagination which is good EXCEPT when she pretends for days on end that she is a cat.
*She has a lot of friends and she is a happy girl.

I am so proud of how big and grown up she is getting. It also makes me a little nostalgic. About a year from now she will be heading off to Kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN!!!!

At least I have a year to get use to that idea. For the time being I will just relish in having a beautiful, smart, wonderful 4 year old who I love more then I thought was humanly possible.
If you are feeling as nostalgic as I am you can check out what she was doing at 2 here and at 3 here.
unfortunately I think I lost her one year old post :(

And here are some pictures through the ages:

20w u/s Just born!
One year
2nd birthday! 3 years old!

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Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to Lorelei! She is such a darling girl and we love her so.
Wendy, Zach, Wyatt and Augie