Monday, November 26, 2007


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. Lorelei got to play with her cousins, we all got to talk , and we had great food. It is nice cause Nick and Lorelei actually play and talk to each other now (Nick is about 10 months older). Brian walked up to them in the middle of a deep conversation about "boo boos".
Sagen was a pretty good boy too. He of course started screaming as soon as we sat down to eat, but I was able to eat and bounce him at the same time (I figure the calories I was eating at that point don't count) and he was asleep after a few minutes. I put him in the pack and play and he slept until dinner was over (a big accomplishment for my little non-sleeper).
Now we are moving onto Christmas! We are playing up Santa REAL big in hopes of getting a picture of him and Lorelei together this year. So far she has talked to him at the mall and told him she wants a "new kitchen" (which he IS bringing her), but has not ventured onto his lap yet. We are hoping she will do it for Sagen (she will do AMYTHING for her baby Sagen).
Pics to follow as soon as I resuce them from moms computer.

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