Friday, November 16, 2007

Just my boy...

I realized that this blog is rather Lorelei heavy, but she is doing more things so she is easier to post about!

Sagen is 4 months now. He is rolling, cooing (he "talks" almost as much as his sister!), laughing, and smiling! He is also very strong and good with his hands. He can almost get the paci BACK into his mouth already. When he is happy he is very, very good natured and sweet. He isn't always happy though. He has time where he just screams and screams. I think it is colic. He also is not a sleeper like his sister. We had him down to only waking 2x a night to eat and going right back to sleep, however that had not been the case lately. I think it is tummy or perhaps (dun dun dun) Too!EETH!!!

Regardless of his fussy times we think he is the best! We love him so much! Lorelei loves him too! He is "my baby Sagen" to her. The other days she couldn't see him and went into a slight panic. She is such a good big sister!

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