Sunday, January 24, 2010

The rest of Christmas...

Here are the final Christmas pics (late of COURSE)!

Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve we went to Butch and Karen's to see all of that family (minus Lance's crew who we saw a few days later). Lorelei and Sagen LOVED playing with Wyatt. I have NO pictures of this cause as soon as I would go in the room with a camera they would all hide or scatter!
Sagen Did sit still for a little snack.
Lorelei did too. I think they enjoyed their floor picnic with the Santa mat.

Then we headed back to Gram's and put out our cookies for Santa.

Christmas Day

The kids got a LOT of presents (not ALL of the ones pictured are theirs). They could barely stand to pose for this picture before opening their stuff!

Lorelei's big present from Santa was a dollhouse! She LOVED it! Although she did LOVE feeding her dollhouse people to Sagen's new dino!
Sagen got a robot truck from Santa. It is voice activated and very cool. He also got a voice activated dinosaur from Grandma and Grandpa. It is also voice activated so we had fun making them talk to each.

It was a loooonnnggg day for Sagen!!

The morning after
We hit the "slopes" in Gram's back yard for a little sledding. Both kids loved it this year. They were able to do it by themselves after we made some paths. We just had to be at the bottom to stop them!

The day after that we had a BIG family meal (see the pics below) and Lorelei enjoyed a turkey leg.

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