Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ready for our photo shoot

This Christmas we went to Iowa. I PROMISE a lot of pictures of our adventures are coming. However, I am going to start with a post about my favorite part of the trip. A few days after Christmas ALL of my moms brothers and sister and all the grands and greats (minus my dad and Em's family) got together. We had a HUGE photo session and I REALLY will cherish these photos. I think we get together and do this about every 10 years so it really is a rare treat. Here are some of the best photo. All of the photos where taken by Wendy. My beautiful cousin :)

This first one is my favorite. It is of all the Lorelei's. My Uncle Butch and Aunt Karen started a tradition in my family when they named their daughter Wendolyn Lorelei (far left). My parents like the name so when I was born they named my Jessica Lorelei (I hope since you are reading my blog that you know I am the second from the right). Following the tradition my Uncle Bunny and his wife Marilyn named their first daughter Jennifer Lorelei (far right). My cousin Lance and his wife Cherise kept the tradition going in the second generation and name their daughter Rachel Lorelei (2nd from the left). I tweaked the traditon a little and named my baby girl Lorelei Alexis (middle). I love that we have a picture of all of use together.

Grandkids families

My family
Brian, Jessica, Sagen, and Lorelei

Wendy's family
Wyatt, Augie, Zach and Wendy.

Lance's family
Ben, Cherise, Lance and Racheal

Kids Families

Lisa's Family

Seth, Lisa, and Erica (Seth's wife)

Bunny's family
Sasha, Jenny, Ron (Jenny's boyfriend), Colin, Bunny, Marilyn, Jojo, and Mikeal (I prob spelled his name wrong)

Judy's family
Judy, Sagen, Gram, Jessica, Lorelei, and Brian (my husband)

Butch's Family
Cherise, (Lance's wife)m Lance, Ben, Rachael, Wyatt, Wendy, Butch, Karen, Zach (Wendy's family) and Augie.

Gram with her offsping

Bunny, Gram, Butch, Judy, and Lisa

Grandkids (please note while you are looking at this photo that Gram has her hand on the shoulder of her favorite grandkid ;P )
Jenny, Jessica, Seth, Lance, Gram, Wendy, Sasha, and Colin

Great Grandkids
Augie, Wyatt, Rachel, Gram, Sagen, Lorelei, and Ben

The WHOLE gang!!!
not listing all the names!

We missed Em and her family (who were at home in Mass) and my dad (who was home play Noah to and ark full of dogs), but it was so nice to have ALMOST everyone there!

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Anonymous said...

I love that all the photos are so nicely organized and everyone is looking then you get to the picture of your gram with the kids and they are scattered looking every which way! Classic!
- Sarah