Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Prima Ballerina!

Lorelei started ballet. She LOVES it. The teacher (Mr. Rogers) is great. He is silly and doesn't expect the girls to be serious in the pre ballet class. The learn ballet terms but in a fun way. They play and dance with ribbons and at the last class they were all given one minute to dance all by themselves. Lorelei was a little timid at first and kept running over to me, but at the last class she only came over once. One of these days I am sure I will be allowed to sit in lobby with the other mommies.
The studio is a little dark so the pictures aren't great, but she still looks cute.
(Sarah, I only got her to pose for the ones at the bottom because I would told her I would post them so Isaac could see them so make sure he sees them)

They are suppose stand on there leg for a count of 5. Mr. Rogers counts like this 1...2....3...4...4...4..4....4......4.

Barre work.

Releve!! While the are on the barre they do a plie (a knee bend) the rise up on their toes and scream RELEVE!!!!

Showing off for Isaac.

Being silly!


Wendy said... cute! I get jealous of all the girly stuff you get to do sometimes.

Anonymous said...

These are great. I will make sure to show Isaac when I get home. I actually show him this site quite often so that he can see pictures of Lorelei and Sagen.