Friday, June 15, 2007

Just keep swimming.....

Lorelei spent the first two weeks of her summer vacation in parent/tot swim lessons. The first day she screamed, but after that she decided it was really, really fun! She blows bubbles, kicks her legs (well her leg, she doesn't like to kick her one with the hemangimoa), and lets Brian and I toss her between us.
We were at a friends house the other day who has a big pool and Lorelei even swam in a swim ring without mommy holding on (Don't worry I KNOW it is not a life saving device as the label says. I wasn't even an arms length away)! She thought that was the greatest thing.
Now we spend a portion of each day swimming in her kiddie pool. She lays on her belly and blows bubbles. It is very cute. The swim ring doesn't quite have the same fun factor in 16in of water, but it is still fun for her to sit in. She is def a swimming fool!

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