Sunday, October 25, 2009

Maybe we should have named him Chip!

Somehow, someway, someday Sagen CHIPPED HIS TOOTH! I am SICK about it. He has a dentist appointment on the 1st on November and they will tell us what we need to do. I am sort of hoping we can do nothing since it is a baby tooth, but I am also sort of hoping the fix it. Ugh!

It is not QUITE as bad as it looks in the picture. It is his left top tooth. It kinda looks like it is both front teeth in this picture, but his front teeth are shaped kind of funny so that is why it looks like that. As you can tell he was NOT happy that I took a picture of it.

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Anonymous said...

He looks more upset about the picture and what you are doing to his poor face than the tooth. Does the tooth actually bother him?