Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Day!

We woke the kids up at 7 A.M. on Christmas day. Yes, I said WE WOKE THEM UP!!! They NEVER sleep past 6:30 and they choose Christmas day to sleep in!!! We couldn't wait after 7 so we woke them up. First, we had to check out the cookie situation.

Bed head walking to the tree.

Making sure Santa ate the cookies.

Then we moved onto presents. They open their stockings first. Their stockings had a lot of fun little things.

Stocking time!

Showing of the goods!

Lorelei digging in!

Then, they moved on to their presents. Sagen got a Handy Manny tool box (which was broken so he is now the proud owner of a vaccum instead), a ride on 4-wheeler, books, bath toys and a few other things. Lorelei got a scotter, a Wonder Pets doll, a watch, a Easy Links controller for the computer and some books.

Lorelei opening a present.

Sagen opening a present.

Sagen on his 4- wheeler

Helping her daddy put her scooter together.

Riding her scooter.

After we opened our presents and had breakfast we headed to my parents. There Lorelei got her new bike a Sagen got his train table. Our friends Hua and Xue Ying and their girlds were visting from Boston with their friend Dr. Bai. It was so nice to see them and spend the day with them. Lisa, Bob, Jimmy and the boys came when Bob was done with work. We spent the day eating and chatting it was very nice. I don't have any pictures from there because I forgot my camera!

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