Monday, December 8, 2008

Santa-What a difference a year makes!

This years trip to see Santa went MUCH better then last years. This year there was almost no line. Last year we waited in a LOOONNNGGG line which meant they were tired by the time we got up there. Like last year we had been talking to Lorelei about it for a long time. Last year, that didn't help she still freaked out. This year it was very successful. She was SUCH a big girl. She talked to Santa and answered his questions. She even made sure to tell him what Sagen wanted for Christmas. Sagen was a little freaked out (which is why the paci stayed in), but he did okay. At one point Lorelei reached out and took his hand so he wouldn't be scared (we had talked about how she wasn't going to cry so Sagen would know everything was alright). Here are the two pictures for a comparison.



Anonymous said...

It is like night and day! Very cute!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE their stripey jammies. Boy, do I miss those babies. Love, A. Lisa

sparklet said...

awww.... much better! though this new one didn't make me laugh nearly enough.