Thursday, November 6, 2008


When Nixion resigned my Uncle Butch and Aunt Karen took a picture of their family holding the newspaper. It was one of their moment in history pictures. They did the same thing when Obama won. Of course, this time their children are gown and have to take their OWN picture. Today Brian and I had my mom take a similar picture. We are so proud to part of this INCREDIBLE moment in history. I will never forget this. I know my children will, but I am hoping the picture will show them years from now that they were here when it all happened! I will be able to tell Lorelei that she was quite the little Obama fan. She made sure to wear her Obama shirt while watch the results come in. She also told me that "Obama was on her team. Just like Santa Claus". I will be able to tell Sagen that he loved the u-tube video that chanted

O BA MA and that he would sing with them.


I will also have to remind them how much they hated having their picture taken.

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