Tuesday, January 22, 2008

"I made a Snowman, and an angel. I didn't like sledding very much"

That is how Lorelei sums up our weekend. We went up to Greer, AZ and stayed in a cabin. We had a great time playing in the snow and watching movies. Lorelei knew all about what to do in the snow because of "Calliou". She loved walking or being carried in the snow, picking it up and throwing it, and making angels. Sledding was not her favorite. She didn't mind sitting in it at first, but she didn't like being pulled in it or going down the hill. We brought some home in the cooler and Lorelei was realy excited to show it to our friends Heather and Elvis.

Sagen hanging out in the cabin.

In the sled.

Making snow angels.
Snow family.

snowman #1

Snow Lorelei

Snow Daddy
Snow Mommy and Baby Sagen

My kiddos and me!

Lorelei collecting pinecones.
The little store by the cabin. They had a cat in there and I think THAT was the highlight of Lorelei's trip!

Hope you enjoyed our pictures!

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